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EyeSearch is a Guide to Vision and the Eye, including information on glasses, contact lenses, eye diseases, eye surgery, laser surgery, including laser vision correction, and directories of eye specialists nationwide, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and low vision services

Vision 2020

Up to 80% of Global Blindness is Avoidable According to the World Health Organization.  EyeSearch will Donate 5% of our Contact Lens' Profits to Blindness Prevention Organizations.

In order to provide you with the accuracy and quality you have come to expect from EyeSearch,  we Require a Written Prescription from your Eye Care Professional.

Having a Written Prescription on file before filling a contact lens order is required by law in most states of the USA.  EyeSearch follows this requirement on all orders because it prevents misinterpretation by the patient delaying receiving the proper lenses.

A side benefit -> More Convenient for You -> you do not have to enter your prescription information since we can get it directly from your written prescription.

We want to provide you the fast, accurate services you deserve.

For comparison shopping or to place an order, please visit
EyeSearch Contact Lenses !


It is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Send us your Contact Lens Prescription

2.  Place your Secure Order

3.  We will send your contact lenses right away!

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EyeSearch guarantees you will receive the exact brand of lenses prescribed by your doctor.
All contact lenses are sent to you in the manufacturer’s sterile packaging.
We offer this with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


1. Send a copy of your current contact lens prescription to EyeSearch
(must be no more than 24 months old; no need to re-send to EyeSearch if you have previously sent it and it is still current, just note it in an email to us):

Fax:  800-410-9644 USA & Canada
Fax:  425-775-0216 Worldwide
Voice:  425-775-4202

Email: [email protected]

Regular Mail:  22120 Brier Road, Brier, WA 98036

Please Note:  If ordering colored lenses, please write your color choice on your prescription when you send it.


2.  Place Your Contact Lenses Order on our Secure Server

Please Note:

An Order from our Secure Server will be held until the Prescription is received.
Then the Order will be processed.

If the Prescription is not received within one week, you will be contacted.

If the Prescription is not received within two weeks, the Secure Order will be cancelled and the credit card account will not be billed.


In order to be able to provide the lowest prices and best service possible, EyeSearch relies on you to obtain and provide complete, current prescription information.

We have attempted to make purchasing contact lenses online as simple as possible.
We welcome your Suggestions for Improvement!

Thank you for using EyeSearch,
Your Trusted Contact Lens Source.

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