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Hand-Painted Readers

Purchase Hand-Painted
Readers HERE

Designed by Angelica

Hand-Painted Readers

Hand-Painted Readers

Great Price of Only $29.95
Includes FREE matching Nylon Cord!

Confetti Hand-Painted Readers


Multi-colored dots & swirls on the entire reader.

Daisies Hand-Painted Readers


Pink daisies & greenery accents on the bridge and endpieces.

Leopard Hand-Painted Readers


Tiger print on the entire reader.

Pastel Hand-Painted Readers


Multi pastel colored blocks on the entire reader.

Paws Hand-Painted Readers


Black & brown paw prints thinly outlined in white on the bridge & endpieces.

Sunflowers Hand-Painted Readers


Yellow sunflowers & greenery accents on the bridge & endpieces.

**All Readers include Hand Painting partially down the Temples**

These beautiful readers have been hand designed with special care from Angelica.
Available in powers +1.00 to +2.50 in .25 increments.

Special Orders
+2.75 to +4.00
Other Designs
Ophthalmic Frames

New Designs to be released periodically.

Your Suggestions are appreciated!!

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