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July 1999
Volume 5

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This issue I would like to talk about senior eye concerns. No matter what our ages, if we live, and we are living longer than ever, we will have concerns with our eyes.

Typically, the most common problem is cataracts. A cataract is the normal aging process of the natural lens of our eye. Most of us will require cataract surgery at some point in our lives. Technology has made this a simple, safe procedure with low risks.  Often times people who live alone have no way to get to the doctor's office or surgical center or they are unaware that transportation is available.

The second most common problem is macular degeneration, which robs individuals of their central vision. At the present time laser treatments can only be done in some cases leaving most people with macular degeneration with limited central vision. There are supplements such as zinc that have shown some promise in preventing this disease. Macular Degeneration is very sad since reading is one of the few things many elderly people can enjoy.

We all have elderly relatives or neighbors and many times they have visual problems that we are not aware of. Many people have trouble driving, paying bills and shopping. Often older people are too proud to ask for help.

Our quality of life can be greatly enriched by helping those in our families or neighborhood accomplish the things we take for granted. The next time you visit your local library look at the books on tape or large print books that are available and surprise someone you know. You might even have an item in your home that you never use that could be very helpful to someone that is living off of a social security check.

Most communities have services for the partially sighted that can access the needs of people with visual problems. Please contact us if you need help finding services for someone in your area.

Let's get to know the needs of the seniors in our lives.

Until next time,

Laura Maroney, COT
[email protected]

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