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Question from Vermont
*My eye Doctor tells me I have narrow angles a precursor to glaucoma.  He says I need laser surgery on both eyes.  A procedure called laser trabeculoplasty.  Should I get another opinion or is this ok? Any suggestions?

Narrow angles in the eye should always be treated with laser so that you do not have a glaucoma attack.  If your narrow angle closes off your pressure with spike up very quickly and cause severe pain and eye damage.  You are fortunate that it was detected.  That is why having routine eye exams are so important.   Please read the
information on closed angle or narrow angle glaucoma at http://www.eyesearch.com/glaucoma.htm.   We would like to hear back from you
after your treatment.  If you would like to write a short essay regarding your experience we would love to post it on EyeSearch.  Try not to worry about the laser treatment.  It is a wonderful tool and it should not be painful.  Please feel free to email with any additional questions. Good Luck.

Question from Florida
**I have extremely dry eyes due to birth control pills and atenol (blood pressure medication)  I have a very difficult time wearing contacts. Is there any brand of contact that will retain their hydrance. I was told that there is a new brand on the market that is made from the same material that hospital tubing is, they say that they retain up to 90% of their own moisture even after 8 hours. Is there any truth to this?

There is a new contact lens on the market that is called Proclear by Biomedics.   We have had a reasonable response from them for people with dry eyes.  People with extremely dry eyes can wear them on a limited basis as with regular lenses they can't wear at all.  Contact your eye care professional for a trial pair.

Question from Pennsylvania
*I am looking for soft contact lenses for my son that are every 2wk. disposable or every mth. disposable.  He is in Coopervision lenses now and has one eye infection after the other, they are supposed to be replaced every 3 mths.  But he only makes it a mth. and he has an infection.  I know it's the lenses.  His Dr. wanted him in a true disposable lens, one that he could dispose of every 2wks. or so but according to the companies his office called they have nothing for him with his base curve in a true disposable.  I decided to research for myself and I keep coming across Focus by Cibavision.  They tell me he has astigmatism in both eyes but I see nothing telling me these Coopervision lenses are astigmatism lenses.  When I looked into the Cibavision lenses they asked me a lot of ?'s I don't have the answers to.  I have the boxes for the Cooper lenses and these are what they say, his right eye has base curve of 8.6, the diameter is 14.0, and the strength is -3.50.  His left eye, the base curve is 8.3, the diameter is 14.0, and the strength is -3.75.  It says nothing about astigmatism.  When I went to order a trial certificate for the focus lenses for people with astigmatism they wanted to know other measurements that weren't on these boxes.  Does that mean these aren't even lenses for astigmatism or don't they have to be?  I'm totally confused and I can't afford to take him to the Dr. every month with an infection.  He takes the lenses out, he goes on Ciloxin drops 4 times a day and in 2 days he's clear. The Dr. keeps making me come back again and again .  I ask what he has the infection from and I never get a straight answer.  He takes care of his lenses in a sterile environment, I make sure of that.He's 15 yrs. old and in great health except for frequent sinus infections and this eye trouble.  Also he had an ulcerated cornea this past summer due to improper base curve measurements by another eye person who was not an M.D.  Now he's supposedly in the correct base curve but he continues with frequent infections.  It worries me because of the corneal ulcer he had.  I mean how many eye infections can one person get?  Thank you

The lenses your son is currently wearing do not correct for astigmatism. That does not mean your son does not have astigmatism. Many people who have a slight astigmatism do not wear contact lenses that correct for it because toric (soft contact lenses that correct for astigmatism) are more expensive. Usually if the astigmatism correction is slight, vision is still very good with a spherical lens (one that does not correct astigmatism). You can get many lenses in the 2-week disposable contact lenses with your son’s current prescription. You could even try daily disposables. A few brand names are regular Focus, Acuvues, Seequence and Precision UV’s. However, it sounds like your son may have difficulties with contact lenses. Some people do all the right things and still have problems. I know your son is at the age where appearance is very important, but what might be worth a try is to not wear any lenses for 1-2 weeks or until his eye feel completely back to normal and then repeat the measurements for contacts and try a different type. Given your son’s past history it would be wise to continue to see an ophthalmologist but please ask for the reasons why the doctor thinks this is occurring so frequently. Also, remember contact lenses are often trial and error and what works for one person does not always work for the other. Your son should not sleep in contact lenses even if they are design to sleep in, he should wear them as daily wear.

Question from the USA
*I wear contact soft contact lenses and have recently developed a problem with  redness and swelling in my right eye. I thought my lens might have been contaminated so I stopped wearing contacts for a few days, and then put in a brand new lens. I was able to wear the lens comfortably for about 5 hours, but then developed the redness again. My vision does not appear to be affected, but I have more mucus in the eye than normal. The condition does not hurt, but my eye feels slightly swollen. If this is an infection, how long will it take to clear up? Should I give it a few days, or see an eye doctor? Do you have any recommendations for an eye doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area? ( San Rafael, CA)  Thank You

It could be that your contact lens on the right is not fitting properly anymore. It would be wise for you to see an ophthalmologist. You should check with your regular medical doctor or local university for a doctor in your area. It certainly sounds like a problem with the contact lens if the symptoms totally subside when your not wearing the contact lens.

Question from Montana
*I need to explain my situation, so here goes:
I started wearing soft contact lenses when I was 14 years old.  I'm almost 17, so I've been wearing them for a few years.  I use to wear the 3-month contacts and they helped with my astigmatism, which isn't severe.  About a month and a half ago, I went to the doctor because my contact felt like it was catching on my eye.  They soon found out that I had a stye in my right eye.  After that got treated a week later, they switched me to the one year lenses because the doctor said the curvature in my right eye got steeper.  A day after I got those contacts, I became sick with lymphitis.   My throat was all swollen and red.  The doctor put me on Amoxicillan and was on that for ten days.  After I finished the medicine, I tried to wear the contacts but couldn't because it made my right eye feel achy and bruised.  They checked under my eye lid for bumps, but said my eye was fine and that the fit was good.  I went to the optometrist again and he gave me a different lens without the astigmatism corrector, because the edges are thinner.  I still can't wear the right contact, but my left one is fine.  The left one never had a problem.  I've never had a problem with my contacts until now.  One suggestion was that my sinuses were acting up, but they ruled that out because I'm not sick anymore.  PLEASE help me.  I don't know what to think and I think they're going to tell me to wear my glasses.  It's hard because I'm in sports.  What do you think the problem could be?

You might have some scar tissue from the sty causing the lens not to fit properly. Our eyes let us know when there is a problem and it sounds like the fit of this lens is not working as well on your right eye as your left. Regular lenses are usually thicker than disposable or program replacement contact lenses and this could be a factor. An ophthalmologist could check for scar tissue and also check the fit of the current contact lens.

Question from Michigan
*I have a small circular mass on the inside of my right eye next to my pupil it resembles almost a pimple my eye has redness and appears a broken blood vessel I don't have blurred vision or any irritation please advise if I need to go to the doctors.  Symptom has lasted 4 days now.  Thank you

If the mass and broken blood vessel are not resolving you should make an appointment to see the eye doctor.  If you notice any changes in your vision or it becomes painful, please call your eye doctor.

Question from Ohio
*I have recently noticed a "black spot" in my lower left visual field in my left eye.  When I look in different directions, this black spot moves as well.  I have experienced "floater" in the past (these being very bright, multiple specks of light); however the new spot is stationary and darker.   Does this warrant further investigation by an ophthalmologist?

Floaters come in many shapes, colors and sizes. It is always wise to check with an ophthalmologist when you notice a new floater in your eye. If you notice a sudden shower of floaters or any flashes of light, you should call right away.

Question from Minnesota
*My husband needs to have an eye angiogram - what does this involve and what does this demonstrate?

An angiogram is a test that involves dye being injected into a blood vessel in the arm and pictures taken as the blood enters and exits the back of the eye or the retina. This test is commonly done on people with diabetes and retinal problems. The test is very helpful to ophthalmologists to determine whether the eye can be treated with a laser or conventionally. The eyes are dilated before the test. There is a camera hooked to the microscope and as the dye enters the eye pictures are taken. The film is then developed and given to the doctor for interpretation.

Question from California
*What is glaucoma?  How is it treated?

Please check out - http://www.eyesearch.com/glaucoma.htm
If you have any additional questions please feel free contact us again.

Question from Florida
*Is there any way to get rid of floaters in the eye?  It is a gray line that moves back and forth like a windshield wiper?

There really is not any way to get rid of floaters without removing the vitreous of the eye, which is worse for our eyes than living with the floaters. It is always important to have an ophthalmologist do a dilated eye exam to see what type of floater you have. If you have not done so, please make an appointment. If you notice a sudden shower of floaters or flashes of light , please call right away.

Question about Amblyopia
*I asked for information on analyopia of which I was diagnosed in February but cannot even find it's definition.  I understood from the ophthalmologist that it was congenital -- where a blood vessel did not form on the left side.  I am now 47 years old but unaware of it until now because I never drove and was not examined that way and did not have an eye exam until recently and was quite shocked to hear I had blindness in my left eye. The Doctor said I had compensated for it with my other eye and nothing needs to be done except to have an annual exam and keep the other eye healthy.   I would like to know where to obtain more info on it and whether I should warn my relatives to be watchful of their offspring?  What age could it be detected and what exam would detect it?  Thank you any info would be appreciated.

I think what you are looking for is a condition called amblyopia or lazy eye. It is common for people not to notice that their vision is decreased in one eye until they have an eye exam. That is why routine eye exams are so important. If detected early childhood a patch can be worn on the good eye to strengthen the weak eye. Please read http://www.eyesearch.com/disorders.diseases.questions.htm and if you have additional questions contact us.

Question from Illinois
*Off and on during the day a black dot will appear about a foot in front of my eyes, I move my head and the dot goes with me, then about a couple seconds later it disappears?  Been doing this for a few weeks now?

What you are experiencing is called a floater. Most floaters are seen against a white background or on a bright sunny day. It is a good idea to have a eye exam if you have not done so already. Please read the previous questions regarding floaters at: http://www.eyesearch.com/disorders.diseases.questions.htm

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

Question from Pennsylvania
*For many years I have infrequently experienced what I call a "visual aura".  However, I have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and am taking Zolodex.  Since then the auras have intensified much more frequently.  In the past, my Ophthalmologist has told me that they are a form of Migraine, only without any pain.  I have also had a test to check my Carotid Artery, which was diagnosed as fine.

The medication you are taking could be causing the visual disturbances to occur more frequently. Please contact your doctor and your ophthalmologist and let them know your situation.

Question from Canada
*For 4 days now, my left eyeball hurts when I blink, which then gives me a headache.  I wear glasses, but have never experienced this before.  I have an appointment to see a doctor at the end of this week, but was hoping I could find out something here to ease my mind until then. Thank you.

It was wise for you to make an appointment to see your eye doctor.  Eye dryness, or inflammation of the eye can cause eye soreness. If you notice any other symptoms such as sensitivity to light or blurred vision you should call you eye doctor office and let them know.

Question from Ohio

If you are concerned it never hurts to get a second opinion. If you have been straining to see with out glasses then wearing the glasses will give your eyes some relief. You could be experiencing some eye dryness too. You might try some over the counter lubricating drops to see if that takes away the pain and redness. If you are looking at a computer screen or reading often that can cause your eyes to be stressed.

Question from the USA
*I noticed a blue ring around my mother's iris today.  Her eyes also look cloudy.  She said her vision is fine but I've noticed that it is getting more difficult for her to read.  What is this a symptom of?

The medical term for the ring around your mom’s iris is called arcus and it occurs with age. Treatment is not necessary as it rarely interferes with vision. If you notice that her pupil area looks cloudy she could be developing cataracts which also can appear with age. It would be wise for her to make an appointment with her eye doctor if she hasn’t already.

Question from the USA
*I realize that this is probably not the type of question that you answer, but I was wondering if it would be better to get disposable contacts, or better vise versa. I don't have a RX and I am 15 years old and want to enhance my eye color. My other question is which one is less expensive and another question would be, would this hurt my eyes at all. I have no problem with my eyes, but I am still concerned with them (obviously). Okay, and I am sorry, but I have another question. How much would the cheapest contacts cost? Thank you so much.

It is important to have an eye exam with a contact lens fitting to receive colored contacts even if you do not need them to see. Contact lenses are medical devices and if they are not fitted properly can cause corneal ulcers, eye infection and corneal inflammation. Many places often have specials on colored contacts and the prices vary depending on your current eye color. Opaque contact lenses or ones that change brown eyes blue cost more than ones that enhance your current eye color. Please look in your local telephone directory and check around for various prices.

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