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Question from Canada
My wife is 23, and has had good health.   We have 3 children, during the second pregnancy she experienced "Bell Palsy".  She recovered within 2 - 3 months, three years ago.  Five days ago her left eye (same side) had a star burst effect, and became and remained blurry.  She has pain above her eye, extending to her temple.  Advil relieves the pain!  She saw a neuro surgeon who recommended her to an "Ophtha."  He did an extensive eye exam, and found no concerns. In fact said her vision was 20/20, with only hesitation because of the blurriness.  He asked her to relax and deal with any stress she may be dealing with.   She has been stressed lately, is this a fair explanation???   Why did it happen so sudden?  Bell Palsy???
Should we be more concerned???   Please help, we promise not to use your comments against our doctors!!!!!Thank You!!!

Thank you for your question. There are a few things that may help you in evaluating the current situation.

It appears that the Bell's palsy has completely resolved since its occurrence several years ago. If so, it is very unlikely that any subsequent visual changes have any relationship to the Bell's palsy.

A "star-burst effect" if it subsequently disappears and does not recur, often does not indicate anything abnormal about the eye. If this was accompanied by blurriness and pain in that area, it may have been a variant of a migraine headache.

If your wife has had a complete ophthalmologic examination with no abnormalities discovered, it is very unlikely that any other underlying eye problem could be present, though there are some things that will be difficult to detect even on a comprehensive examination. If the blurriness still is present despite the normal examination, her eyes should definitely be rechecked in the near future to determine what is the cause of the change in the quality of her vision.

Finally, stress can certainly cause many symptoms in the eye, though it may be only one factor of many that affect vision or cause symptoms such as those you describe. The most important factor is whether any symptoms persist from the episode she had, particularly if she continues to have blurriness, pain or a sensation of lights in her eye. If none of these are present, it is very likely that there is no need to be concerned, but if she continues to have symptoms, as previously mentioned, she should have a follow-up examination as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Question from New Jersey
I have a quick question, my vision seems great (daytime) but my night vision seems to be suffering. The glare from the headlights really blinds me. Can this be corrected?

There are many causes for night vision being worse than daytime vision. When it is primarily glare rather than blurriness that is a problem, the eye should be examined for evidence of any problem in the cornea or the lens including early cataracts. Furthermore, a mild need for glasses, which may not be apparent during the day, can sometimes show up at night as dramatically impaired vision. This question should be fairly easily resolved with a comprehensive eye examination as most of these conditions mentioned can be corrected in one manner or another.

Question from Florida
Hello, could you please inform me of the pro's and con's of having eye muscle surgery done for a eye that has drifted outside due to loss of vision. This loss of vision is from diabetic retinopathy.  Will the eye be centered after surgery and will it have proper motion after the surgery. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Correcting the position of an eye with eye muscle surgery can usually be done quite accurately. As a result, the eye will appear to be straight to most appearances and its motion should appear normal as well. It may be that the eye is not exactly in alignment, but in general the accuracy of placement is quite good for most surgery and some surgeries are done with the capacity for being adjusted afterwards to optimize the position of the eye.

Thus, the result in terms of improved appearance for most eye muscle surgery is very good. However, when the surgery is done on an eye that does not have good vision, it is not uncommon for the eye to lose its position once again and drift away from alignment with the other eye. This generally does not occur in the short term future, but can easily happen after several years. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict in which cases the eye may drift again in a certain period of time, and which eyes may be fortunate enough to maintain their good position indefinitely after surgery.

I hope this helps. Please contact us if you have further questions.

In my right eye I can tell that I see brighter colors a bit more than my left eye if I cover one eye.   The brightness perceived is not very much, but it is noticeable.  Is this normal?

Many people notice that colors seem slightly different out of one eye than the other.  In some people this occurs only occasionally, and can be related to different light exposure in the two eyes.  When it is constant , it may mean that color sensitivity is slightly different in the two eyes, and that this difference has been present naturally throughout your life.  It is wise to have an eye doctor examine your eyes to determine that no other eye problem is present, but in most cases this is a normal part of certain people's vision.

I had an eye infection a few months ago, which was treated with eye drops, and it went away.   Now I sometimes have tiny clear bumps on either the upper or lower inner eyelid of the eye which was infected.  They do not hurt.  I wear contacts.  Do you know what these clear bumps are?

Clear bumps on the inner eyelid are cysts filled with the normal fluid produced by the mucous membrane covering your inner eyelid.  As long as they do not persist, itch, cause discomfort or blurred vision, they are usually not a cause for concern.   If they should not go away spontaneously or if they do cause other symptoms such as those above, they should be checked by an eye doctor.  However, usually they occur without any clear-cut cause and promptly go away without any treatment.

Are laser pointers dangerous to the eye?
If so, in what respect?

Laser pointers can be dangerous to the eye and the most significant damage occurs if an individual looks directly at the beam of the pointer. Usually if the pointer is used in a direction away from the individual as it often is when indicating objects on a screen, there is no damage that occurs. However, the effects of both laser pointer on the retina can be very similar to staring at the sun, which even for a short time can cause a visual disturbance and for any longer period of time has the potential to cause permanent damage. This is a particular concern for children who may not be aware that they should not look at the laser pointer. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has recently issued a warning about the use of laser pointers because of some reports of vision problems associated with them.

I have a lump on my eyelid, when I went to the doctor, he told me it was a blocked gland and tried to drain it. What causes this and how can I get rid of it?

Blocked oil glands in the eyelid are common and some people call them styes when they become infected. However, even in the absence of an infection a blocked gland will create a lump in the eyelid. Sometimes hot compresses on the eyelid will help to allow it to drain and medication is occasionally effective, as well. When the lump is persistent or if more immediate treatment is desired, drainage of the gland can be accomplished by an ophthalmologist.

When people have frequent episodes like this they may have chronic inflammation or clogging of the oil glands. However, if it occurs only once it may be an isolated blockage that does not indicate any underlying problem with the oil glands.

Question from Virginia, USA
This is going to sound really weird, but my right eye has been throbbing for the past week.  Not a lot, just enough to be an annoyance.  It's as if I can feel my heartbeat on the upper part of my right eye or eyelid.  I don't have allergies and I don't have anything stuck in my eye.  Any ideas?

Throbbing in an eye can occur for many reasons and by itself does not determine with certainty the cause. However, some possible sources are swelling in and around the eye, which can occur with conditions such as sinus problems or other inflammation in that area. If this problem does not completely disappear within a day or two it should be checked by an eye doctor or by your regular physician.

I have severe pain in and behind my left eye ball.  It seems to be helped by hot showers and sleep but comes back just as severe.  I have just gotten over the flu.

Severe pain in or around the eyeball should always be checked promptly by an eye doctor.  While it could be related to your recent flu or it could be another problem unrelated to the eye, only a comprehensive eye exam can determine whether there is an eye problem that requires immediate treatment.

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