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Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

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Rigid gas permeable contacts are the next generation of hard contact lenses.  These types of contacts are available in daily and extended wear as well as bifocal or monovision.

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Gas permeable contacts differ from regular hard contact lenses in that oxygen is transmitted through the lens allowing the cornea to breathe.  This is better for the long term health of the cornea.  Most hard contact lens wearers have been switched over to gas permeables.

Gas permeables look and feel like hard contact lenses and cleaning is virtually the same.  "Gas perm" contacts tend to attract more protein and can break more easily than old-fashioned hard contacts.  Switching from contacts to glasses caused blurring with regular hard contacts, but usually with gas permeable contacts you can go back and forth without a problem. 

These lenses are ideal for individuals with astigmatism, keratoconus and irregularly shaped corneas.  Gas permeable contacts are more uncomfortable initially compared to soft contacts, and typically require a gradual increase in wearing time.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses


Correct Astigmatism

Last Longer than Soft Contacts

Easy Cleaning and Care

Maintain Corneal Integrity


More uncomfortable initially

Must be placed directly on the cornea

Occasional wear is more difficult

Not Available in Cosmetic Tints

Follow up care is crucial with contact lenses, particularly gas permeable contacts.  Sometimes the contacts need to be modified after you have built up your wearing time.  Usually an office visit after wearing for 1 week is sufficient.
Please consult your eye care professional.

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