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Oculoplastic Surgery

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Oculoplastic surgery, or plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eye, encompasses eyelid surgery to change the structure and function of the lids, the tear duct system and the eye socket.

Drooping Eyelids
Drooping EyeLids

A wide array of surgical procedures is included in this area, but among the most common conditions treated are loose, droopy or baggy eyelids, tear duct blockages, and eyelid damage from injuries.

 Preparing for Surgery
Preparing for Surgery

Eye with Retractor
Eye with Retractor

Blepharoplasty is a fairly broad term for eyelid surgery, usually to remove excess or loose skin (called dermatochalasis) and sometimes including treating ptosis, a droopiness of the eyelid, caused by loosening of the muscles of the lid. Some of these surgeries are now performed with a laser rather than a conventional incision.


Floppy eyelids that turn in (entropion) or turn out (ectropion) can also be repaired with plastic surgery techniques.

Blocked tear ducts can often be treated with a non-surgical procedure that forces fluid through the duct to clear it.  When this is not effective, however, a more major procedure to open a new drainage pathway for tears to leave the eye may be necessary (dacryocystorhinostomy).

Finally, a key element of oculoplastic surgery is surgical repair of injuries, not only to improve the appearance of the eyelid, but even more importantly, to allow the eyelids to protect the eye adequately.

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