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Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments (INTACS)
are the First FDA-Approved Non-Laser Surgical Technique for Correcting Nearsightedness. 

Intracorneal Implants The INTACS procedure involves inserting a flexible ring beneath the surface of the cornea to elevate the edge the cornea.  This effectively flattens the front of the eye, decreasing nearsightedness.  Different size rings are used to correct different amounts of nearsightedness.
Research has shown this technique to be successful at improving vision and the FDA has approved this surgery for low levels of nearsightedness.  At present it cannot be used for farsightedness, astigmatism or high degrees of nearsightedness.
One possible advantage of intrastromal corneal rings is that they are "reversible" and can be removed, returning the eye to virtually its natural state before surgery.  This aspect, as well as the lack of any surgical effect on the center of the cornea (which does occur with laser treatment) may make this an attractive option for vision correction in eligible patients.

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