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Eye Med Questions

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The List below consists of Questions that EyeSearch Viewers have Asked the Eye Doctor regarding Eye Medications along with the Responses that EyeSearch has provided.

Question from Michigan
Can you please tell me if an eye drop is made that contains either 2 or 3 antibiotics and hydrocortisone?

There are several eyedrops that contain antibiotics and corticosteroids. These come in both brand name and generic forms. However, many of them contain corticosteroids that are not specifically hydrocortisone. Examples of these medications include: Maxitrol, TobraDex, Blephamide, FML-S and many others, including their generic equivalents. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I constantly have a cold in my eyes and then my vision blurs sometimes.  What do you think causes this?

If you consistently have a discharge in your eyes, there may be some ongoing inflammation that is different than simply a "cold".  Medication can help this problem, but in order to determine what measures would be most effective for you, an eye doctor should examine your eyes to determine the exact cause.

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I have a crustiness (red and itchy) on one eyelid.  Is there an over the counter ointment I can use on it?  Can I use valisone on it?

Valisone is not the best choice for use around the eye, as it is not made to be an eye medication.  Over the counter ointments can lubricate your eye, but may not be effective at eliminating the irritated area.  Prescription ointments usually can alleviate this problem, but an eye doctor should examine the area to determine which medication would work most effectively.

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I have glaucoma and use Timoptic and Pilocarpine.  I have irritation that feels like sand and is sore intermittently in one eye.  I use Lacri-lube at night and Celluvisc during the day.   The irritation lasts for about 10 days and is ok for about 4 weeks.  Any suggestions?

Intermittent irritation in one eye only can be a difficult problem to solve.  While you might be getting a reaction to one if your medicines, that would usually affect both eyes to some degree.  Dry eyes alone can cause your symptoms, but again, this would usually affect both eyes at the same time.   Eyelid inflammation can often cause symptoms like yours, and even though your eyelids have been examined, you may wish to have your eye doctor recheck that area when your eye is feeling at its worst. The Lacrilube and Celluvisc should alleviate any dryness, and your continued symptoms despite these medicines suggest that an eyelid problem may still be involved.  Consult your eye doctor with regard to your current symptoms, and perhaps you may be able to find some additional information that will help with your problem - Good Luck!

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